One Billion Customers
by James McGregor
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"His book is the best to date ... Our little nugget of wisdom on the China market for those wanting to do business there? Read this book."

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Business Week
"McGregor's volume is both colorful and cautionary, offering sound prescriptions for Westerners...Those going to seek fortunes [in China] would be well advised to bring McGregor's One Billion Customers with them."

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Barrons Best Books of 2005

"McGregor argues that the transition from the Cultural Revolution and the subsequent scramble for capitalistic wealth has scarred China and left it in desperate need of overcoming lingering barriers to growth."

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China Business Review

"In short, McGregor has written a book about doing business in China that seems destined to become a classic."

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Far East Economic Review
"Mr. McGregor cleaves to a uniquely balanced approach, tweaking both small Chinese and large foreign noses with cheerful equanimity."

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The Wall Street Journal
"Any foreigner hoping to sell China a billion of anything would be well advised to pick up a copy and read it on the plane coming over."

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Financial Times

"this book should help foreign executives avoid some of the pitfalls”

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The Washington Post
McGregor illustrates the dangers and allure of the Chinese market”

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American Enterprise Institute

“McGregor has eloquently - though perhaps unwittingly - challenged Washington’s key assumptions about the Chinese economic miracle.”

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The Spectator
"[McGregor's] book is chock-full of concrete tips and riveting arcana about how not to lose your shirt in China, and maybe make some money.

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USA Today
“McGregor is a keen observer and raconteur”

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China Economic Review

"McGregor has put together a handy and highly amusing book from his wide range of experiences in China both as a journalist and as a businessman. It will serve old and new China hands alike."

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Time Asia

"McGregor ... dispenses his wisdom through case studies—mostly of how things can go wrong."

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" [McGregror posits that] the struggle now is to discover the management principles and techniques that will harness and focus the immense energy and intelligence of the Chinese."

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The Economist
"James McGregor's One Billion Customers is the latest in a small but important collection of books for the business executive venturing into China in search of riches."

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Publisher's Weekly
“The promise and perils-mostly the latter-that Western businesses face in China's huge but chaotic market are probed in this illuminating if not quite reassuring primer.”

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The Palm Beach Post
"If there is one overarching lesson to be learned from the rise of China, Mr. McGregor believes, it is that the abacus is mightier than the sword." Download Entire Review (PDF)

"With a potential billion customers at stake, it sometimes feels these days as if there are almost as many how-to business books about China. However, if you read just one, advises expat expert Robin Pascoe, make it this one."

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America Public Media, Live from China "One Billion Customers "

"Kai Ryssdal talks with former Wall Street Journal reporter James McGregor about his book "One Billion Customers." They discuss China's economic transition and how the country's explosive growth is affecting the world."

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NPR, Day to Day "Insights into China's Market."

"Former Wall Street Journal China bureau chief James McGregor, now a businessman, gained valuable insight into the emerging markets in China. His new book, One Billion Customers: Lessons From the Front Lines of Doing Business in China, details the ins-and-outs of Chinese business practices, and what President Bush can expect when he arrives in Beijing."

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CBS News, "Made In China, Bought in U.S."

"What I like is that McGregor sees beyond the normal reasons for China’s rise…and sees how we Americans are contributing to our own potential decline by focusing on the wrong things."

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"I wanted to write a modern, updated version of the Carl Crow book [400 Million Customers] with depth and affection for the Chinese. I want the book to last for 10 years or so," said James McGregor, author of One Billion Customers: Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China. Download Entire Review (PDF)

The Week, Jim McGregor's Recommendations on China Books

"James McGregor, author of the new book One Billion Customers: Lessons From the Front Lines of Doing Business in China, lists ‘six timeless books that demystify and explain China."

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Star Tribune, "Intellectual property theft in China costs nations billions".

"For the Chinese, the tipping point will be when their own companies are being hurt," McGregor said. "That's already happening on their own IP development. They have lots of indigenous software companies and entertainment that need IP protection. ... But where's the balance between those people being hurt and poor people being put out of work? It's a balance that the international community has to push China on -- hard."

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Guardian, The Observer, "How China learned to love capitalism" Book Excerpt from One Billion Customers

"China is simultaneously the world's largest startup and the world's largest turnaround. The country can draw on a 2,000-year tradition, but also on Western business know-how and technology - that is why it has been able to make progress so quickly."
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The Sacramento Bee, "Governor's business trip lights up China":

"'There should be a law that these guys [such as California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger] go on overseas trade missions. We live in a global economy. We need to be out in the world understanding what's going on. If Schwarzenegger does nothing else but increase awareness back home of the opportunities and challenges of China, he will have accomplished a lot.'"
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Duluth News Tribune , "Duluth Native Times His China Book Well":

"McGregor's sense of humor and Midwest openness have won the respect of the Chinese, said his friend Jim Friedlich, who worked with him for 10 years at Dow Jones & Co. and d escribed McGregor as an ambassador for China when he's in the United States and an ambassador for the United States when he's in China."

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Star Tribune , " Minnesota companies see opportunity in China":

"McGregor says, ' You have to start small and go from there. I've seen a lot of small companies do well, but you can't do a passive investment. You've got to be in there rolling up your sleeves and doing it.'"

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Shanghai Daily , "Family Control is Recipe for Disaster":

"Unlike the United States, many private companies in China today are family-owned and their decision-making is highly centralized. While admiring China's huge material progress, McGregor is critical of corporate governance of many Chinese companies. 'Many Chinese companies are family companies,' he notes. And he believes that it may form an exclusive management circle which rejects talented professional managers."

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CBC News , "China pledges to reduce trade surplus with U.S.":

"James McGregor said Bush was grandstanding for his conservative supporters back home...[and] that Chinese leaders were unlikely to take offence, understanding that publicly the U.S. leader is obliged to make political noise."

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International Herald Tribune, "The Irrisistable Pull of Pure Mass":

"James McGregor, a writer and businessman with 15 years' experience in China, said people who 'come in smart' to China find it easier now to do business there.   'The business environment is improving in China, but if you come in and do dumb things, you're going to run into the same problems,' he said. 'Chinese will take advantage of a starry-eyed foreigner who is infatuated with China.'"

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UPI International.  Walker's World China's Billion Customers:

"McGregor sees that China, under the right kind of Western pressure, will eventually settle down and realize that honesty is the best policy, and that a rule-based system, arbitrated by an honest judiciary, creates the most fruitful environment for stable prosperity. But in the meantime, the Wild East is like a turbo-charged Wild West on speed, in which everything happens at once."

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The Oregonian:

"U.S. voices that used to agitate for access to China are now suggesting that too much access may not be such a good thing.   It goes to show, as journalist and author James McGregor put it in "One Billion Customers," his new book on the Chinese economy, "the Chinese understand the outside world much better than the outside world understands them."

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The Wall Street Journal article "How Rupert Murdoch Met His Match in China":

"Western businesses are tantalized by China's huge market, but they need to be wary. That is the central message of "One Billion Customers: Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China" , by James McGregor, the Journal's former China bureau chief." Download Entire Article (PDF)

Business Online UK article "The Stench of State Corruption Threatens China's Global March":
"Don’t rely exclusively on the law,” as one recent book on doing business in China by consultant and former journalist, James McGregor, puts it. “You’ll lose.” Download Entire Article (PDF)

Washington Post op-ed article "Advantage, China" by James McGregor:
“China is all about unity, focus and leverage. Chinese officials and business executives are obsessed with a single question: What advantage do I have over you?” Read Entire Article

Press Releases

Simon and Schuster Press Release: An Insider's Account of Doing Business in China
“In his new book, ONE BILLION CUSTOMERS: Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China, McGregor, partner BlackInc China, shares his insider’s perspective on how to, and how not to, do business in China. He gives specific lessons through detailed, compelling narrative tales of how deals came together or fell apart, how the people involved viewed and treated each other, and how politics and prejudices tainted expectations and outcomes.” Download Entire Release (PDF)


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